Steve's Present Tour Players
Steve's Past Tour Players

Mark Davis

worked with Stephen from Aug 2007 to July 2012.

During those 5 years he .....

Moved up the Rankings from prov’ 58 to a career high T32 in 2010 Season
and to another Career High 18th in the World by the end of 2012 Season
Won the his 1st Title - 2010 6 Red World Champion
Won his 2nd 2012 Sangsom 6 Red World Championship
Reached the SFs of the Wuxi Classic (Jun 12) & Australian Open (July 12)

“Working with Steve over the last 3 years has been great. He has identified and helped me work on eliminating poor sighting habits and his patented sighting and coaching methods ensure I sight each shot correctly before I get down to play the shot, and that my technique is perfectly aligned for accurate cueing.

Every player knows accuracy is crucial in Snooker and Steve’s coaching and SightRight methods in my pre-shot routines have been a key factor in my improved accuracy, performance and rise up the rankings in the last couple of years. My game is getting stronger and stronger as I am consistently more accurate now in my potting, positional and safety play, and winning more matches which has also really helped my confidence.

I have won the 2009 6 Red World Championship, have broken into the top 32 for the first time in my career, and am currently 12th on the 1 Year List – the highest I have ever been. That’s a massive step forward from where I was!

There is still work to do to keep those old habits at bay, reach the Top 16 and hopefully win a Ranking Event. I'm enjoying my game being more consistent the last couple of years, and looking forward to greater success with Steve. His coaching skills and methods are unique and I would recommend anyone who believes they are off line to seek his help – they will be amazed!

Mark Davis – March 2010 (Now World Ranked 18th – July 2012)

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