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Gould impresses in European Tour Event – Bulgaria

Martin Gould continued his impressive form by reaching the final of the third European Tour event of the season.

Gould played some sparkling snooker to win six matches in the tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria, before losing a high-quality final 4-2 against world number seven Shaun Murphy.

The Pinner potter lost the opening frame against former world champion Murphy, but breaks of 45 and 60 saw him lead 2-1 in the first-to-four final.

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Stephen Feeney’s Work With Stuart Bingham Praised As ‘Greatest Coaching Feat in Crucible History’

“Stephen Feeney has taken Stuart Bingham from being a good player to being a winner. He’s taken him from being one of the pack to becoming World Champion. Having followed snooker for over thirty years, I think it is the greatest coaching feat in Crucible history.” That is the assessment of a man who got to the top of his high-profile profession by making excellent judgement calls. Darren Cann is one of the World’s top assistant referees in professional football and has officiated at both the World Cup Final and Champions League final.

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SightRight’s first World Snooker Champion was further rewarded for his success by scooping two gongs at the sports’ annual awards night.

Bingham, whose career has been transformed in the last five years working with specialist cue sports coach and SightRight supremo Stephen Feeney, was named as Player of the Year and Snooker Journalists Player of the Year. Continue reading WORLD CHAMPION BINGHAM HONOURED AT SNOOKER AWARDS


When asked ‘What’s changed?’ following twenty years in Snooker’s World Championship wilderness, Stuart Bingham’s response was simple. “Working with my coach Stephen Feeney and using his SightRight techniques has worked for me,” said the newly crowned Crucible King.

Bingham’s story may seem like a fairy-tale – he had only made it past the second round at the World Championship once before in a twenty-year professional career – but the reality is that hard work pays off.

Now world number two, having rocketed eight places up the rankings after a thrilling 18-15 final win against Shaun Murphy on Monday, the 38-year-old Basildon ace has worked tirelessly to achieve his dream.

With him for the last five-years, and credited by Bingham in helping him transform his career, has been Stephen Feeney, a specialist coach and inventor of SightRight – a revolutionary coaching system, which takes the guess work out of aiming and ensures the development of ‘on-line’ pre-shot routines, technical alignment and accurate cueing. Feeney is the world’s number one sighting and alignment expert.

Bingham plays with a patented SightRight sighting and alignment aid integrated in his cue. For Snooker players daring to dream and willing to work at that dream, Feeney has teamed up with BCE Riley to launch a range of SightRight cues and a Snooker coaching app to help maximise performance.

The SightRight cue and app combined helps a player of any ability level develop a consistent pre-shot routine using a simple two line alignment system. It eliminates any eye-dominance issues, focusing on each player’s individual eye-dominance thus taking the guess work out of this crucial aspect of the game. It also helps to create a consistently aligned technique and accurate cue action. Ultimately, SightRight improves accuracy across a player’s whole game – it enables them to play better Snooker.

The new World Champion has been practicing these techniques for the last five years with Feeney as his full time coach and the result has been nothing short of incredible.

“Five years ago I started working with Steve and since then it has all happened for me,” said Bingham.

“SightRight has made me into a winner. I have to admit that I was a journeyman for 15 years as a professional but for the last five I’ve gone from strength to strength.”

There is no greater success in any sport than becoming World Champion and Bingham has written himself into Snooker folklore with his steely spirit, unflappable composure and breath-taking skill, culminating in his finest hour.

He did it the hard way too, beating the likes of Graeme Dott, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump on the way to the final.

He may have been seen by the bookmakers and some pundits as an outsider but Bingham actually won more titles than any other player in the season so his success comes as no surprise to those who work with him and follow his progress closely.

Stuart Bingham – nice guy, hard worker, notorious practiser, snooker fan, former journeyman professional and now Team SightRight’s first World Snooker Champion.

When Stuart met Stephen: How working with SightRight has helped Bingham maximise potential

If you have been watching Stuart Bingham’s magnificent run to the finals of the World Snooker Championship, you may have heard a few mentions of his coach Stephen Feeney and how Bingham credits much of his success to working with the SightRight supremo.

Dennis Taylor referred to this in commentary during Bingham’s semi-final clash with Judd Trump, while the world number ten himself highlighted how his career has blossomed since working with Feeney, using his unique SightRight coaching routines and SightRight cue technology.

“Five years ago I started working with Steve and since then it has all happened for me,” said Bingham, after his fantastic 13-9 quarter-final success against Ronnie O’Sullivan.

“I was a bit of a journeyman before but I’ve gone from strength to strength in the last five years.”

The statistics back up Bingham’s self-assessment, who won his first career ranking title in 2011 some 15 years after turning professional.

Since that victory in the Australian Goldfields Open, he has added the Shanghai Masters, Premier League and Championship League to his growing trophy haul. Having heard Bingham previously claim that Feeney’s SightRight methods turned him into a winner, many aspiring Snooker players may be asking themselves what SightRight is and if it could help them play better Snooker.

SightRight is the brainchild of experienced and innovative coach Stephen Feeney, who has introduced his patented SightRight sighting and alignment tests and SightRight coaching methods to Snooker, Golf and Darts.

For the last 18-years, Feeney, the world’s number one sighting and alignment expert and specialist coach, has been developing his patented inventions and revolutionising coaching in accuracy across these sports.

Through his work with the best golfers, snooker and dart players in the world, Feeney has developed a unique understanding and expertise in the technical elements of ‘accuracy’ sports, which sets his practices apart from the standard coaching methods.

In Snooker, he has tested and coached a number of former World Champions and legends of the game in his SightRight routines, along with several of the world’s current top players.

In short, Feeney has successfully developed proven coaching methods in the fundamental principles of the game and pioneered his innovative approach with SightRight, revolutionising coaching in the sport.

SightRight has the backing of legends too. Jimmy White has already been appointed as global ambassador for Feeney’s new SightRight Coaching Accreditation Programme, Cliff Thorburn has been appointed as his North American and Canadian Ambassador and several World Snooker Coaches are already ‘lining up’ to enhance their current coaching skills by becoming accredited SightRight Snooker coaches.

Feeney’s work with Bingham has seen a dramatic improvement in the form of the Basildon ace and he believes that his methods can improve a player of any ability. His experience confirms that he has always seen an improvement when his coaching techniques are embraced.

Bingham has certainly embraced the SightRight methods he is now championing. Feeney is his full time coach and Bingham has the patented SightRight ‘sighting and alignment’ aid integrated in his cue, which has been sanctioned for use in tournament play by the WPBSA.

“Stuart has an enormous amount of talent,” said Feeney, who also coaches Martin Gould.

“My job, like any coach, is to maximise that talent and ensure he achieves his full potential. SightRight Cue technology combined with my coaching methods can improve any player because they take the guess work out of aiming, ensure development of ‘on line’ pre-shot routines, technical alignment and accurate cueing.

“Ultimately this means improved accuracy across the player’s whole game and improved consistency which inevitably leads to better results, greater confidence and enhanced self-belief. In Stuart we have the right blend for success and he is now a prolific winner.”

“Stuart is always striving to improve and is willing to put in the work to do so. What he has achieved over the last four to five years since we got together comes as no surprise to me and he is getting better and better.”

The success of Feeney’s SightRight concept has resulted in not only a new approach to coaching but also in new products.

His global partnership with Riley BCE has seen the launch of a new range of Riley SightRight Cues incorporating the patented precision integrated sighting and alignment technology, an interactive SightRight coaching app designed to help those buying a Riley SightRight Cue get the best out of their cue, and the launch of a SightRight Coach Accreditation Programme to deliver the proven SightRight Coaching methods to clubs and players at all levels in the UK and around the World.

The success of his work with Bingham continues to show in the results of the 38-year-old self-confessed ‘late-bloomer’ and the ultimate achievement for any professional sportsman is now a real possibility for a man who admits that he would not have believed he would be where he is now before he started working with Feeney.


SightRight’s Stuart Bingham produced a stunning performance to defeat five-time World Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan and move into the semi-finals of the World Snooker Championship at The Crucible, Sheffield, on Wednesday.

38-year-old Bingham claimed an impressive 13-9 victory against pre-tournament favourite O’Sullivan to set up a last four clash with Judd Trump, which gets underway on Thursday evening.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling,” Bingham said after reaching the one-table set-up stage at The Crucible for the first time in his twenty-year professional career.

“I’m really looking forward to the semi already. It’s a dream come true to be playing here in the one-table set-up and I’m over the moon to beat Ronnie O’Sullivan 13-9.

“I kept calm during the game but I got a little bit emotional afterwards. I called my wife and had few tears. My coach, Stephen Feeney, gave me a bit of a bear hug which was a nice moment.

“I started working with Steve about five years ago and I’ve gone from strength to strength since. I was a bit of a journeyman before then to be honest and I wouldn’t have believed that five-years later I’d be playing like that, beating Ronnie and getting to at least the semi-finals of the Worlds.”

Basildon ace Bingham, who produced a sensational 145 break in the match, kicked on in the final session, which began with the pair tied at eight legs apiece.

O’Sullivan took the opening frame of the evening but the SightRight star reeled off five in a row in a ruthless hour-long spell to complete a brilliant triumph.

‘The Rocket’ praised Bingham after the defeat. O’Sullivan said: “Stuart has been playing some great snooker for the last five years. He was fantastic and there wasn’t a lot I could do. He just pushed me around. I was the second best player all the way through the match. I was outplayed, it was there for everyone to see.”

Bingham’s career has been transformed in the last five-years thanks to his hard work, dedication and the innovative coaching methods of Feeney and SightRight cue technology helping him maximise his potential and ultimately play better Snooker.

This season has seen a further increase in form and consistency, with Bingham being one of only three player to win three titles, so it is no surprise to see him in the semi-finals of the sport’s showpiece tournament.


Stuart Bingham set up a World Championship quarter-final clash against Ronnie O’Sullivan after a convincing last 16 success against Graeme Dott.

Bingham remains in contention for Snooker’s greatest title thanks to a 13-5 triumph over the 2006 winner at Sheffield’s Crucible theatre.

The 38-year-old, who reached the last eight two years ago was delighted with the victory, which he completed on Saturday. He told BBC Sport: “It is a fantastic feeling to beat someone of Graeme’s level 13-5. I made a 64 in the first frame and that settled me down. That calmness stayed me with throughout the match.”

Bingham’s coach Stephen Feeney, who has pioneered sighting and alignment coaching methods in Snooker and other sports, says that Bingham knows he has the game to win more titles.

“When he’s on it, Stuart has a real power game which he showed when winning the Premier League” said Feeney, the world’s number one sighting and alignment expert.

“There is strong respect between Stuart and Ronnie, they know each other’s game and have had some close battles in the last 2 years. This quarter final match promises to be another.”

You only have to look at how strongly Bingham started against O’Sullivan in their UK Championship semi-final last year. “Even though the match didn’t go his way in the end, Stuart can draw on the experience from that. Even Ronnie said Stuart was bossing the match and this shows that he has it in his locker.

You don’t win titles without having the ability to beat the best players in the world and Stuart has definitely got that now – he is one of the top players on the circuit at the moment in his own right and will know he has to be at his best to progress to continue his challenge for the World Crown.

Bingham’s showdown with O’Sullivan starts at 14.30 on Tuesday and will be shown live on the BBC.