Awesome Dawson’s amazing online improvement

DYNAMIC Dawson Murschell could be the next Michael van Gerwen or Emporio Armani…thanks to MAPLE SYRUP! The Canadian new kid on the PDC block came through the ultra-tough Q School to get a tour card and is ready to launch a new chapter of his life in the UK.

But ‘Awesome Dawson’ has shown incredible initiative to get this far by starting a fashion label Finlay Bridge Outfitters to fund his darting dream.

Murschell, 22, revealed: “I started the company selling hoodies, beanies, sunglasses to get enough money to play darts.

“That has worked so far and got me a tour card now, so it’s been a good journey. I will now move to the UK from Canada in time for the UK Open.

“I will continue to run the company from the UK. My family are very supportive and I can still handle it online with help back home from my mum, brother and grandma.

“I’m not sure whether I’d want to be the next Michael van Gerwen or Armani. I want to be Dawson Murschell and darts is my dream and ambition. But I wouldn’t turn down being a success in darts or fashion to be honest.”

Murschell’s dream run into the PDC big time included a sensational win over James Wade in the US Masters in Las Vegas last year. The Medicine Hat, Alberta kid also admits that Canadian oche legends John Part and Jeff Smith are huge inspirations and helped him along the way – thanks to some homegrown mental strength.

He added: “Q School was very tough, the standard now is just incredible. The PDC Development and Challenge Tours are creating so many good young players.

“I think the amount of games you play produces better mental strength and consistency which brings you on as a dart player so much quicker.

“That’s why perhaps there are so many players coming through now and beating the so-called bigger names, I don’t think anyone is frightened of playing anyone.

“I was obviously delighted to get through in Wigan. It came down to the last day and I needed to win two matches and when I did that I did a few fist pumps but it was great to go on and win.

“The biggest difference now is my timing. I think there’s something in the Canadian blood about being able to produce good scores or finishes at the right time.

“John always managed to come up on the rails and sneak results with good timing. Maybe it’s Maple Syrup that makes us good at that!” Murschell, who came through Q School with fellow Winmau star Danny Noppert, is also convinced that his game improved thanks to an afternoon in Cardiff a year ago.

He added: “I think that day changed my game a lot when I went to the Winmau HQ. I was using the SightRight2 system and it’s really smoothed out my throw a great deal.

“It works out the finer points and technical side of your throw action. It worked out I am left eye dominant but throw with my right hand. It meant some of my throw was slightly offline and it allowed me to adjust to compensate for that.

“A lot of people who hadn’t seen me throw for a while said that I was a lot more smoother when they saw me again and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve improved so much since then.

“Every aspiring player should try it, it could change your throw and your life!”