Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy Teams up with SightRight Coaching

Shaun Murphy: Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to announce that as of this month I have started working with Steve Feeney using his SightRight tech.

Having been sceptical for many years of new sighting methods that were not in the Joe Davis book my father used to teach me when I was eight, I decided to invite Steve to my house to demonstrate how it works. Well, I was blown away! Never in my 26 years of playing snooker have I seen something that has such an instant effect on where the ball goes, and Steve and myself are very excited about the future.

It’s obviously a work in progress, but recent results would suggest good things are coming.

I’m off to India tomorrow and then onto China for the World Open so I’ve got another two weeks on tour to see how things go.

All the best