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SightRight® Sighting & Alignment Technology Patented Products and Coaching System for Golf, Snooker & Darts

  • Stephen Feeney, CEO of SightRight (UK) Ltd is the inventor, sole owner and holder of all SightRight® Sighting Aid & Method of Use patents.

  • His research and work has identified that 99% of Golf, Snooker & Dart players sight across the line of aim they ‘believe’ they are sighting perfectly – technically described as 'parallax error'. SightRight Products and Coaching Systems help identify, correct and eliminate this error to ensure perfect sighting & aiming, and technical alignment, to improve accuracy.

  • With more than 18+ years research & coaching in perfect sighting & alignment he has worked with Ryder Cup Stars, World Snooker Champions & World Darts Champions and many leading Professionals in all 3 of these magnificent sports.

Patent Status

GB9624911.5, published as GB2319968 – Granted UK patent, “Sighting Aid”
GB1311263.6, published as GB2507374 – Pending UK patent application, “Sports Equipment”
PCT/GB2014/051919, not yet published – Pending International patent application, “Sports Equipment”


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